Incisive advice based on an understanding of your organisation’s needs and thorough knowledge of immigration requirements

Immigration compliance is crucial to the fitness of every business in the UK.  Whether you are checking right to work documentation, bringing a business visitor to the UK for a day or sponsoring a migrant worker for five years, a misstep can have costly and lasting consequences.  We understand how daunting the immigration system can be for HR staff, legal counsel and anyone with operational responsibilities for immigration.

We have developed our expertise alongside the implementation of the current Immigration Rules and structures, including the Points-based System, the Prevention of Illegal Working regime and the European Economic Area Regulations.  In all these areas, our immigration team has worked with the Home Office to refine policies.  As a result, our immigration expertise is comprehensive.

Tailored, innovative immigration solutions to match the dynamism of your business

Our immigration experts don’t just want to smooth a migrant’s initial entry to the UK, we plan ahead to best serve your business’s long-term objectives.  We can advise all business immigration matters, including the following, and quickly assess visa eligibility:

Training and compliance audit services to ensure your business’s fitness for the future

It is much cheaper, safer and less stressful to prevent noncompliance with immigration requirements than to fire-fight Home Office enforcement actions.  If you’d like to know how best to avoid immigration problems, we invite you to consider signing up for an immigration training session, which can be conducted at our offices or yours.  For a thorough assessment of how robust your immigration compliance processes are, why not engage our experts to conduct an immigration compliance audit?  We can review how your organisation guards against illegal working and how it satisfies sponsor duties, if applicable.