Heather Love Feb 2022

Employers: Batten down the hatches to weather the storm of change

This week, the government surprised us with new announcements relating to the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions that have proved to be controversial amongst the general public. For employers, the priority now is to arm yourself with all the correct information and plan for the future.

David Seals Feb 2022

High Court Injunction prevents Tesco from “firing and re-hiring”

In a judgment published yesterday the High Court granted an injunction to the USDAW trade union acting on behalf of Tesco workers. 

Heather Love Jan 2022

Vaccination status controversy reaches new levels after JLP says it will pay staff regardless

As Plan B restrictions lift in the UK once again, there’s been a few headlines surfacing about how employers are treating unvaccinated staff - and it’s a bit of a legal minefield.

Heather Love Jan 2022

Menopause and the workplace: Updated guidance is on the way

In a world where we are increasingly aware of our health and safety, where covid has taught us to look after ourselves and others, it feels like now is the right time to be turning our attention to something that is long overdue - how do you manage staff sickness for menopause symptoms?

Heather Love Jan 2022

Holiday Entitlement and Holiday Pay – Key points for Employers

Holiday entitlement and pay is a notoriously difficult area for HR practitioners. Typical challenges include calculating holiday entitlement for casual or zero hours workers, accounting for bank holidays for part-time staff and trying to keep up with the constantly evolving case law regarding what aspects of employee remuneration are deemed “normal pay” and therefore must be included in holiday pay. We summarise the main questions and answers below. However, legal advice should always be taken on a specific scenario. The below should only be treated as guidance.

Liz Dalgetty Jan 2022

Why we need the care sector equivalent of TripAdvisor

Choosing care homes is stressful enough. Worrying about how loved ones will be looked after and if they’ll be happy there are all emotional and difficult decisions. However, it’s made worse by the complicated rules surrounding care - and how there only seems to be a bare minimum set of standards.