Gemma Taylor May 2021

Lessons learned from the SDLT cliff edge

Earlier in the year, we wrote a blog about the thousands of people who faced missing out on the Stamp Duty holiday, resulting in an industry "cliff edge" with many sellers worried their buyers will pull out if they didn't complete in time. But, it seems since the Chancellor extended the holiday, there have been some lessons learned.

Mehboob Dharamsi May 2021

The Covid-19 effect on the bank of mum and dad - and how to plan for it

One third of parents are now lending to children so that they can get on the housing ladder - but a worryingly high percentage are either refinancing or selling significant assets in order to do this. Planning early could not only ensure their future is safe - but yours is secure too.

Terina Farnan May 2021

Remarrying without sorting your finances could spell trouble further down the line

Q: I am divorced but when my former spouse and I separated things were amicable and we kept financial agreements friendly as opposed to legally binding.

David Seals May 2021

What are restrictive covenants and why do I need them?

I own a start-up which grew very quickly and a few years ago I hired in a couple of senior personnel to help run the business. After 5 years, one of these senior hires is now leaving the business and going to a company which isn’t a direct competitor but operates in a very similar field.

Liz Dalgetty May 2021

An LPA could help protect vulnerable people against bank fraud

Bank fraud is an increasing problem - particularly during the pandemic. It’s difficult enough to navigate new online or remote services that we’re not used to, but if you’re not of sound mind it is even harder. If you are an attorney or deputy responsible for someone who is vulnerable, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself, and them.

Mehboob Dharamsi May 2021

What type of Will is best for you

When embarking on having a will prepared, it is tempting and understandable to say that one wants a simple will only because one’s affairs are straightforward and there is nothing that is complicated. That would certainly be the case in many cases, but that may not be the case in others. 

Liz Dalgetty Apr 2021

The pension pay due to tens of thousands of women - make sure you claim what’s yours

Hundreds of women on state pension living on menial amounts could be entitled to back-dated claims worth thousands, according to a recent report.

Gemma Taylor Apr 2021

What has the pandemic done to the housing market?

We've seen the numerous headlines about how the Stamp Duty holiday has spurred many people into moving house. But, it seems the benefits are more than just financial - and it seems many are trading up lifestyles as well as their homes.

Mehboob Dharamsi Apr 2021

Costs of care: Your questions answered

We are often approached with questions relating to care and the mounting costs associated with independent living or going into a care home. We’ve addressed some of the common questions.

Nicola O’Dwyer Apr 2021

Do you need to offer enhanced shared parental leave pay?

When shared parental leave was introduced in 2015, one of the concerns was whether an employer would need to offer enhanced shared parental leave pay if the employer provided enhanced adoption and/or maternity leave pay.