Liz Dalgetty Jun 2021

Should the bank of mum and dad consider a declaration of trust as a condition of gift?

My husband and I are considering giving my son a gift of cash to buy his first house with his fiancée and her two daughters. The gift would be quite a sum and we are worried about what might happen in future if my son were to separate from his partner. Would she be able to profit from our gift and what can we do to protect it?

Sarah Noake Jun 2021

Q&A: Thinking of including foreign assets in your will?

My sister lives in America but she was born in the UK and still has family here, as well as a property and bank account. When making her will recently, she was advised that any assets held in the UK couldn’t be included in probate there. This is a little concerning, as her pension and savings bonds are all paid into the UK bank account - I am worried these will not be covered by a will if drafted in America. My question is, should I ask her to draft a separate will using a UK lawyer to cover these assets? And, if this UK will is then witnessed and verified in America, is it still valid?

Nicola O’Dwyer Jun 2021

With the latest Government advice - Do I still need work from home?

The Government’s roadmap identified that until England reached Step 4 of the Roadmap, employees should work from home where they can. As we are aware Step 4 has been delayed from 21stJune to 19thJuly 2021 and therefore, employers should continue with home working wherever possible until the 19thJuly.

Liz Dalgetty Jun 2021

When does £7m leave you disinherited from a will?

In the past, we’ve written many blogs about the trials and tribulations surrounding wills and disinheriting direct descendants. But, what about circumstances where you chose to leave an amount which is a small slice of a large fortune - even if that slice is still worth £7m?

Liz Dalgetty Jun 2021

Who will pay my dad’s bills if he is unable to?

My father has recently been diagnosed with early onset dementia. My brother and I have been very supportive, but this news has been devastating for us all. I know I need to get my dad’s affairs in order, but I’m not too sure where to start. Is it possible for him to appoint someone to make decisions on his behalf?

Liz Dalgetty Jun 2021

Q&A: Can you clear a £100,000 inheritance tax bill without selling up?

My parents’ house was left to my brother and I, but due to the size of the estate we were liable to pay a hefty tax bill of over £100,000.  We are unfortunately not able to pay a bill of this size through our savings and we’d ideally like to keep the house and rent it out, so we would rather not sell if we don’t have to. 

Nicola O’Dwyer Jun 2021

Changing an employee’s terms and conditions is challenging both from a legal and trust perspective.

British Gas has been in the media over recent weeks due to the “fire and rehire” approach with their employees.

Mehboob Dharamsi May 2021

Does your family know you have a will?

According to a recent article, just two in five people are certain their parents hold a will. However, whilst the idea of talking about, or planning for death may not be a topic of choice with your children, it is important that you still have “that talk”.

Gemma Taylor May 2021

Lessons learned from the SDLT cliff edge

Earlier in the year, we wrote a blog about the thousands of people who faced missing out on the Stamp Duty holiday, resulting in an industry "cliff edge" with many sellers worried their buyers will pull out if they didn't complete in time. But, it seems since the Chancellor extended the holiday, there have been some lessons learned.

Mehboob Dharamsi May 2021

The Covid-19 effect on the bank of mum and dad - and how to plan for it

One third of parents are now lending to children so that they can get on the housing ladder - but a worryingly high percentage are either refinancing or selling significant assets in order to do this. Planning early could not only ensure their future is safe - but yours is secure too.