Martin Steer

Martin specialises in all areas of commercial and civil litigation, excluding personal injury and employment matters.

He has experience in dealing with all levels of the Civil Court system, up to and including the Court of Appeal. He deals primarily with contractual and negligence disputes both corporate and individual; landlord and tenant disputes both corporate and individual; professional negligence disputes; personal bankruptcy and corporate insolvency.

Reported cases include:

  • Mutanders Recoveries Limited v Hoff and Kirby (2010)
  • Indiana Investments Ltd v Taylor (2004)
  • Barratt Homes Ltd v BBF Consultancy Group (2001)
  • State Bank of India v Sood (1998)
  • Re Tajik Air (1995)
  • Martin is a Member of the Property Litigation Association, the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association and the Commercial Litigation Association.

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Martin Steer

Martin Steer


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Office: Godalming