Fixed Fee Package - Uncontested Divorce

At Downs we have always been committed to helping our clients deal with a wide range of Family Law matters in ways that are non-confrontational, avoid delay and unnecessary expense.

With our fixed fee package for Uncontested Divorce (if you are divorcing someone), you know from the outset how much the particular piece of work will cost, giving you peace of mind and helping you budget. 

What is an Uncontested Divorce (if you are divorcing someone)?

An Uncontested Divorce is where both you and your spouse have agreed to a divorce in an undisputed manner whereby neither party objects to the divorce, the grounds for the divorce, or any application for costs.

What is included in the fixed fee?

Our fixed fee assumes the Divorce proceeds without any issues and will include all necessary steps to achieve a Decree Absolute:

  • The costs in obtaining an Uncontested Divorce;
  • Court Fees;
  • Time spent to take instructions; and
  • Correspondence included in the process. 

What is not included in the fixed fee?

  • Any advice or work should the Petition become contested by your spouse, meaning that your spouse no longer agrees with the grounds for divorce, or the Petition needs to be altered (amended) for any reason once it has been issued by the Court;
  • The costs of obtaining your marriage certificate if you cannot provide one.
  • Any other expert or agents fees involved in the process;
  • Any advice, legal costs or proceedings concerning finances (including property matters), and/or children;
  • Any additional costs where one party is overseas;
  • Any Divorce that is not being pursued/defended in the Courts of England and Wales.

In most cases the above process is completed without difficulty. However, should any work need to be carried out on your behalf that is not included in the fixed fee, this can be undertaken at our normal hourly rate but we will discuss and agree the costs with you beforehand.

How much does it cost?

Our fee is £1500 including the Court Fee* and VAT.

TOTAL COST £1500 inclusive

We would also hope to secure a contribution towards your costs from the other party.

* What are the Court Fees?

The Court requires payment of current standard Court fees when obtaining a divorce. £550.00 is payable when the divorce petition is ready to be ‘issued’ by the Court.

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We are also able to resolve other related legal issues at fixed fee rates, such as, updating your Will or selling property.

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