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Nicola O'Dwyer

Partner, Head of EmployLaw


Nicola has built a track record of providing high quality advice and expertise to a broad range of employment law issues.  She regularly works closely with clients to advise and guide them through complex areas of law (e.g. disciplinary issues and grievances), offering support at times when it’s most needed. 

Nicola has built experience in the leisure sector, particularly; golf clubs, health clubs, pubs/restaurants and catering.  She is able to advise clients in these areas on the typical issues they face, particularly on areas like; casual staff, employment status, TUPE and any consequential restructures/redundancies, TRONC systems etc. 

Nicola also has strong links with specialist immigration advisers to ensure any issues faced with employing foreign nationals can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Nicola is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association.

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