Back to School

Dealing with your ex over summer holiday arrangements may have been difficult enough, but the start of the new school year with its busy school calendars could prove to be a bigger challenge.

Here are a few ideas designed to help:

  • Meet or at least talk to your ex so you can work out whose doing what for at least the next term.
  • Keep the school informed. Update them with details of how and where to contact both parents so they can include them in school activities, letters home and events.
  • Make sure you are aware of any worries your children may have about going back to school, such as telling their friends you are separated.
  • Grandparents can be an invaluable help so it may make more sense, and be easier for the children, if they attend school functions. Their presence can provide greater stability and reassurance.
  • Two homes = two places to do homework = double the help. Both get involved with the children’s studies so they benefit from your shared knowledge. Wherever financially possible, duplicate items so the children’s kit and belongings are in the right place at the right time and have a routine for shipping stuff between houses.

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