Disciplinary Issues

Disciplinary Issues

Most employers at some stage will need to consider taking some form of disciplinary action against a member of staff. This may range from an informal warning to demotion or dismissal. Irrespective of the likely outcome of the process, we can assist with the entire process from start to finish providing employment law advice and supporting documentation at every stage of the process. 

Disciplinary process

Regardless of the severity of the case, carrying out a fair disciplinary process is crucial in order to ensure that your employment relations are not damaged and your organisation is not exposed to the risk of an employment tribunal claim. We advise employers of all sizes on a regular basis on how to carry out effective disciplinary procedures from investigation through to potential appeals ensuring at each stage that you correctly comply with the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS) statutory code of practice. 

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) accredited consultants

Our services include providing Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) accredited HR consultants to attend any investigatory or disciplinary meetings to support you carry out these potentially difficult procedures.

How we can help

We will:-

  • Explain and map out the disciplinary process from start to finish
  • Provide verbal and written advice regarding how to conduct each stage and the necessary supporting documentation
  • Discuss possible outcomes, implications and legal risks

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