If an employee raises a grievance, it requires urgent and appropriate action.

Failure to deal with a grievance properly or appropriately can create additional exposure to your organisation, especially if it contains allegations of discrimination.

We are able to work with you to understand the nature of the allegations being raised and to seek clarification on those in an appropriate way should that be necessary.

Our advice will guide you through the process of handling and dealing with the grievance, acknowledging that some grievances can be particularly sensitive and could often involve senior members of your organisation.

We are able to assist in reviewing evidence and reaching appropriate and reasonable conclusions to the grievance, as well as handling any subsequent appeals that may be raised by the employee if he/she is unhappy with the outcome. By supporting clients in this way we are able to significantly reduce the risk of future employment claims.

Alternatively, a grievance may lead to you and the employee deciding that a parting of the ways is in all parties best interests.  When this happens the employment is often terminated using a Settlement Agreement.  Our experienced employment lawyers can prepare a suitable agreement and provide the advice you will require should this happen.

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