Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation

Workplace disputes can be a distraction to any employer.  They will either be disputes between two employees or you and an employee(s).  They are hugely time consuming in terms of lost productivity, investigations, grievances etc.  With any workplace disputes, there is also the ultimate risk of an Employment Tribunal, which will only result in further wasted time and money. 

Workplace mediation is a mechanism by which workplace disputes can be quickly resolved.  While mediation can be undertaken internally, it is more common to use the services of a neutral third party who will facilitate negotiations and discussions between the parties in dispute.

We can offer a trained mediator to assist with workplace mediation. If successful, it will help minimise issues with, or amongst, your staff; helping you to increase your productivity and avoid the expense of going to an Employment Tribunal.

Any mediation is strictly confidential so ideal for resolving workplace disputes.  It usually results in the parties agreeing to work together in a particular way.  By identifying what the parties want, the mediator can not only bring the parties together, but can also help improve the relationship between the parties; creating a lasting solution for the benefit of all.

Any agreement reached is binding upon the parties. The agreement is reached by the parties, to suit their particular interests and avoids a Judge imposing a decision, which may suit neither. 

Should agreement not be achieved, then the parties are not prejudiced and they can continue to battle between themselves until a decision is made for them.

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