Employment Law covers a wide range of issues that can arise between an employee and their employer.

The most common areas that affect employees under Employment Law are discrimination,  wages and benefits, whistleblowing, unfair dismissal and wrongful termination. The Employment Law team at Downs can provide expert legal advice on these areas of Employment Law, as well as many other areas, such as settlement agreements, contracts, employment tribunal representation, and more. 

There are many laws and codes of practice that protect employees (and workers) and it is important to know your rights. All types of staff are protected under Employment Law, regardless of whether you are a full-time employee, fixed term or temporary employee, or work on a zero-hours basis.

How Downs can help you

Employment Law issues can be complex, yet sensitive and every case is different. If you feel that you have been wronged by an employer or potential employer, our experienced solicitors at Downs can offer you specialist advice for your specific case. Sit down with our Employment Law team and discuss the issues you may facing or are concerned about. Our Employment Law team’s approach is to provide tailored legal advice in a sympathetic, pragmatic and discreet manner.


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