International Divorce

When the Court are dealing with finances on divorce, the Court has far-reaching powers which include assets overseas as well as assets here in the UK. However, international assets will often mean that there may be complications, depending on where the foreign assets are located. This involves elements of International Law and it is important that you seek advice from a suitably qualified family solicitor. Here at Downs Solictors we have the expertise to deal with divorce and financial cases with international elements.

Overseas Divorce 

In cases where there is more than one country where the parties can divorce adds a layer of complexity.
International divorce will require expertise in various legal jurisdictions and the country the divorce takes place in can significantly impact the divorce settlement. If you ( or your spouse) are domiciled in the UK, the Downs Family Law team can advise you how a divorce in the UK will impact your financial settlement. We will make sure that all assets, whether they are in the UK or offshore, will be considered in the financial settlement.

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