Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

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Disputes and litigation are part and parcel of business life. Even so, our dispute resolution lawyers know that looking after your business and fixing a business dispute at the same time isn’t something companies look forward to.

So when a business dispute looms, don’t let it fester. Acting quickly is key. Our enviable track record of success in negotiation, mediation and litigation means that you can trust Downs to give you timely, focussed and expert advice whenever you need dispute resolution advice.

Dispute resolution lawyers who encourage dialogue and compromise

This doesn’t mean that our dispute resolution lawyers rush straight to court when a business dispute arises. Although formal dispute resolution processes have their place, we always look at all options on the table. Put simply, our lawyers get people and businesses talking to each other. This is why we settle most of our business disputes through negotiation.

As for our experience, it is as wide as it is deep and includes, in particular:

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