Supporting you through mediation

Mediation is a tool couples can use to amicably dissolve a civil partnership or marriage. In the case of mediation, a independent family mediator will be appointed to help both parties discuss all the issues regarding divorce. We can help you through the mediation process.

Advising you in between the mediation sessions. You can discuss any legal questions you may have. If an agreement is reached,The Downs family law team can advice whether that agreement is fair and assist with incorporating the agreement into consent order,which is binding. It means obtaining sound legal advice is imperative.

Mediation is voluntary

Mediation is voluntary, so you have both got to be willing to give it a go. Usually, the mediator will provide an introductory appointment to explain the process in more detail and to understand which areas the couple wish to discuss within the mediation – whether it is sorting out financial matters or arrangements for the children, or both.

Typically, there will be three or four sessions of mediation to reach an agreement. Both of you will have your own separate legal advice outside of the mediation process so that you can be sure that you are reaching a fair and workable outcome. Our Family Team can support you throughout the mediation process providing legal advice and drawing up the necessary divorce or separation paperwork when the mediation is concluded. 

If you wish to find out more, please contact a member of our Family Law team.

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