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At Downs, we know that planning for the future is the key to looking after you and your family, whatever your age. We know how important it is to protect your home, your health and your belongings. So at every stage of life, you can rely on our trusted private client solicitors to give you the straightforward and sympathetic advice you need, whether it be sorting out a will, dealing with a loved one’s estate, or planning for what happens if something happens to you.

As financial matters and personal relationships become ever more complex, our experienced private client solicitors in wills, probate and lifetime planning can support you in managing your wealth, inheritance and assets, from when you get your first home to dealing with a complex estate. If your loved ones matter to you, they matter to us, now and in the long term.

Our private client lawyers can offer you a range of services, including:

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Watch out for sting in the tail for shared ownership with family members

Before going into shared ownership with any family members, just make sure you are not setting yourself a trap for later on - as one family nearly found out.


As well as credit checks, should more companies be running mental health checks?

Affordability is a key issue when it comes to any transactions or financial contracts. Whilst an applicant may be sound on paper, there are no personal or medical references needed, but why is that important?

When family feuds go wrong: Can I leave my son out of my will?

You’d be surprised how often I get asked questions like this in my profession, but whilst leaving a family member out of a will is a difficult moral dilemma, there might be other things to consider - or it could just come back to haunt you.

Lasting Powers of Attorney - Why You Should Have One

As part of lifetime planning, it is really important to make a Will but it is becoming equally important for people of all ages to also consider making Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). A Will deals with your affairs following your death, but a Lasting Power of Attorney looks after you and your affairs whilst you are still alive whatever age you are.

Will the latest inheritance pay out present law changes for unmarried spouses?

Two sisters have been ordered to pay their late father’s girlfriend almost a third of their inheritance payment, after she was deemed “a wife in all but name.” This is the latest story to cause families to reflect carefully on their particular circumstances and to take steps to protect the family and avoid emotional stress as well as avoiding large legal costs.

Three ways to achieve a problem-free probate

According to recent statistics, more than 98,500 people handled probate without the help of any professional services, such as legal or accountancy advice, last year – around 38% attempted to execute wills on their own. It led to an increase of around 35% of cases that end up in court because of disputes relating to wills and probate.


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