Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution is surprisingly common and is an unavoidable, but inevitable, part of life. We are extremely experienced in dealing with these situations and it allows us to fight your corner with confidence, integrity and tenacity.

We focus on the outcome

Our goal is to get people talking to each other, which, in our experience, is the best route to resolution. It’s one of many reasons why we have an impressive track record of success in negotiation, mediation and litigation.

We encourage dialogue and compromise 

Although going to court does have its place for many disputes, we always look at all the options on the table. Our lawyers get people talking to each other. Our goal is to settle your disputes through negotiation as, in many cases, relationships may well need to continue after the matter has been resolved.

As for our experience, our solicitors can help you deal with all manner of disputes and disagreements, in particular:

Our Team

More Knowledge
Where there’s blame, there is not always a claim

If someone you knew had fallen down the stairs and suffered serious injury as a result of a missing handrail, whose fault do you think it would be?

Unnecessary DIY Will Disputes are keeping High Court too busy

Many people are tempted to write their own wills to avoid the expense of a solicitor, however, a poorly-written will can quickly lead to mounting costs – as well as a legal minefield.

Endersby and Coote v Astrosoccer 4 U Ltd

Author: Nigel Cook

The case arose because of a purported appointment of administrators following the filing of a notice of intention (NOI) by the directors (which had to be given to the floating chargeholder) but immediately after a winding up petition had been filed by the judgement creditors who also opposed this application. This appointment was invalid because of para 25 of Schedule B1.

SAW (SW) 2010 Limited –v- Wilson & Another

Author: Nigel Cook

In this case, the Court of Appeal considered a challenge to an Administrator’s appointment under paragraph 14 of Schedule B1 made by a floating charge holder.

Two Pints - A Contract or Wishful Thinking?

Author: Chris Millar

The High Court has held that a discussion between business people in a pub did not create an oral contract as there was no intention to create a legal relationship.


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