Our expert employment lawyers are also able to offer training to your staff in key HR areas.  The training is primarily focussed at your managers who will have day to day responsibility for ensuring you comply with employment legislation. Our training will give your staff essential know-how and the confidence to deal with difficult HR issues, for example, dealing with poor performance. Tackling this area will often provide significant benefits to your business including increased profitability and improved staff morale.

Our standard training modules are listed below.  Alternatively, bespoke training on particular areas can be arranged.  Sessions can be run at our offices or at yours and they can take the form of either a half day or full day sessions.

Our training is charged at a fixed price and is an important way of you establishing the statutory defence to any discrimination claims.

  • The Application Form
  • Interview Questions
  • Obtaining the correct documentation, i.e. visas, references, qualification certificates
  • Importance of job descriptions and person specification
  • Recording who you selected and the reasons behind that decision
  • Repercussions for failure to follow the correct procedure
  • Data protection compliance
Grievance Procedure
  • How to deal with a grievance
  • Investigation
  • Grievance meetings
  • Potential Outcomes
  • Appeals
  • Complaints of bullying/harassment
Managing Sickness Absence
  • Sickness reporting by the employee
  • Self certification/Medical certificates
  • Long Term Absence
  • Frequent short term absences and how you can prevent them
  • Keeping in contact and return to work interviews
  • Requests for a medical report
  • Phased return to work
  • Dismissal on grounds of ill health
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Why have appraisals?
  • Employment law and appraisals
  • Preparation for carrying out appraisals
  • The meeting
  • Things that could go wrong
  • The write up
  • Disputes over appraisals
Performance Management
  • Dealing with concerns informally
  • The formal performance review procedure
  • What happens if you don’t manage the process correctly
  • Dismissal under performance management
  • The difference between disciplinary and performance management
Dismissal and Resignation
  • Resignation
  • Constructive Unfair Dismissal
  • Dismissal
  • Entitlements on leaving
  • Exit interview
Disciplinary Procedure
  • Different types of misconduct examined
  • Suspension
  • Investigation
  • The Disciplinary Meeting
  • Potential Outcomes
  • Gross Misconduct
  • Dismissal
  • Appeal
Equality & Diversity
  • Protected characteristics
  • Discriminatory behaviour
  • Consequences of not dealing with discrimination
  • Types of discrimination
  • Reasonable adjustments for disabled employees
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Conditions of employment
  • Promotion, training and career development
  • Dismissals (including redundancies)

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