Moving Home? It needn't be painful!

New Home Owners Day is celebrated on 1st May, but, whilst buying a house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things we encounter during a lifetime, we can help make house buying and selling a little less painful with these tips.

Avoid the Chain

If you are in a chain, i.e. you have a buyer, who also has a buyer, and you have somewhere to buy etc. then this is potentially a very stressful situation. Not only does your purchase rely on a buyer for your old property, but you need to ensure that no one involved in the buying or selling process withdraws.

Someone who isn’t in a chain (a cash purchaser or first time buyer for example), will have no worries in respect of any related sale. They will simply be able to complete their purchase and move in.

If your circumstances allow, try to remove yourself from a chain situation. You could do this by selling your current property and moving, temporarily, into a rental property. This will make you a more attractive buyer. In addition, you will have a lot less to worry about going forward.

Be sure of what you want and stick to it

Speak to your financial adviser and set a realistic budget for yourself. If you find you are able to purchase in the current market, then decide on the type of property you wish to buy and any perks you may wish to have (en-suite bathroom, double glazing, driveway for example). When you find your ideal property, don’t be afraid to make an offer which is lower than the asking price. This may not be accepted at first, but it can always be negotiated.

You do not need to be rigid about your objectives, but having a clear idea of exactly what you want will take the stress out of viewing so many properties and will ensure you end up with your ideal home.

Scout the neighbourhood

Make sure you’re getting good value for money and familiarise yourself with your surroundings, ensuring you are happy with your chosen property. You are about to make possibly the largest financial commitment you will ever need to consider. Location is key to being happy and is just as important as finding the right property.

Go with the flow

Moving home is stressful, and of course disruptive. However the constant viewings and imposition on your family time will not go on forever. They are just temporary annoyances but are necessary parts of the process. There is always something that comes up along the way which may cause you concern, but do not worry as nothing is unsolvable! Remain flexible, stay calm and keep your friends and family on side.

Having all the right people to hand will help no end – and that includes your conveyancer. The Property Team here at Downs Solicitors LLP are here to help you through the process and guide you every step of the way. We are an award-winning team and benefit from a vast amount of experience in the property sector. We are here to make moving house as painless as possible. Why not give us a call? We can even carry out a pre-sale health check on your property with no obligation to use us for the sale.