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In the final analysis, it is considered that these cases should not be a fundamental problem for IP’s as the issues highlighted can be avoided. Indeed, the recent case of “Bilta (UK) Limited v Nazir” [2012] shows this issue in stark contrast where the High Court was willing to apply the scope of section 213 in an extra-territorial context.

What is, however, probably more relevant in the international context, is the proposed amendments to the Regulation. Amongst these are:-

  • To include “hybrid” (debtor in possession e.g. CVA) and “pre-Insolvency” schemes (restructuring e.g. Schemes of Arrangement) within the scope of the Regulation.
  • Foreign Creditors are given the right to challenge a decision regarding a company’s COMI.
  • Secondary proceedings will no longer have to be winding up proceedings, and the Court will be obliged to consider the views of the office – holder in the main proceedings.
  • There will be a greater obligation on office-holders to consult and coordinate in cases involving the Insolvency of a group of companies in different jurisdictions.
  • There is to be an internet-based register available to the public regarding insolvencies in each EU Jurisdiction, probably via the European e-Justice Portal (

On 15th April 2013 the UK announced its intention to opt-in to the proposed amendments albeit that it is understood that Schemes of Arrangement will be excluded from the amendments to the Regulation.

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