A widow wins £1m after being disinherited from her husband's will

A long court case has ended in a result for an 88-year-old, who's deceased husband left his estate to his two sons - leaving his wife of 66 years and two daughters were excluded.

When family feuds spill into the will

We wrote in a blog previously that while technically there is nothing illegal with leaving family members out of a will, but it's certainly a difficult moral dilemma.

Usually, we hear about family members being disinherited after a family feud, but in this latest case, Mr Karnail Singh, who passed away in 2021, expressed a wish in his will to leave his estate entirely to the male line.

Entitled to 50%

Mr Singh and his wife Harbans Kaur, had their own clothing business - and both parties were active in running and maintaining that business. She said therefore, she was entitled to 50% of the estate, which she valued at around £1.9million.

The judge agreed and said it was clear the no "reasonable provision" had been made for Kaur, especially as she was now living on state benefits of £12,000 per annum.

Kaur's sons however, valued the business at £1.2million - and it was this figure which was given consideration. The judge concluded that Kaur had played a full role in the marriage in the marriage, both in the home and in the family business, and awarded her 50% of the net value of the estate.

Downs Solicitors can help

We see all too frequently how family feuds can lead to members being left out of a will - and the heartache it can bring along with it. You really must keep communications open with your family about your wishes, but if you have been left out of a will unfairly, it is possible to contest it.

For further advice, contact the Private Client team at Downs Solicitors to see how we can help.

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