Heather Love Nov 2023

Don’t gift yourself a festive faux pas!

The “work do”, “office Christmas party”, “a get-together for a few drinks”. Whatever you like to call it, if you’re not careful, the one outcome could be more than a sore head!

Julian Harvey Nov 2023

Autumn Statement: Key points at a glance

The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has delivered his highly anticipated Autumn Statement speech, setting out spending plans for the year ahead. As the cost of living crisis continues to take hold, many households were wondering how their budgets would be affected by the Chancellor’s measures.

Liz Dalgetty Nov 2023

Why am I doing the job of my deceased partner’s bank?

Q: My civil partner died and his bank account was closed - why am I having to chase up his money?

After a short illness, I lost my civil partner, Rob, last August. I sent the death certificate to his bank, which froze and then finally closed his account with them. We are theatre lovers and so had several tickets booked over the next 18 months. I managed to secure a cancellation and a refund, however, as they were bought using my partner’s bank card, the money was returned to the closed account.

Mehboob Dharamsi Oct 2023

Did you know there is a 20+ week wait to register a Lasting Power of Attorney?

It’s very difficult to consider planning the end of your life when you’re fit and healthy, but sadly, we often don’t know what’s around the corner - and if you or a loved one were to suddenly become ill, how would you make sure your bills were paid, and how your other financial matters are dealt with?

Mehboob Dharamsi Aug 2023

Q&A: If my son buys half of my house, will he pay IHT?

My son and I both live in the house that I purchased many years ago when I had a young family.

At the time I was married to my husband who has since passed away and my son grew up here. When my son’s marriage broke down a few years ago, he came back to live with me. I’m not getting any younger, so we recently agreed that he would take over 50% of the property.

Liz Dalgetty Aug 2023

No one needs a tax bill as a housewarming gift

The Bank of Mum and Dad helps get thousands of people on to the property ladder every year, but if you plan to give your children a cash gift, you will also need to consider the tax man if you want to avoid paying a bill later on.