Liz Dalgetty Aug 2021

Q&A: Can I invest on behalf of my mum?

Q: My elderly mother has just gone into a nursing home. I have a financial Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) which currently enables me to act on her behalf to look after her financial affairs. Her memory is getting worse, some dates are better than others, she is not safe though living in her home. 

Mehboob Dharamsi Jul 2021

Q&A: Can I buy mum’s house under market value?

Q: Since my father passed away two years ago, my mum has been considering downsizing to a smaller property that is more manageable for her in older age. She currently lives in a four bedroom property with a large garden in an area that my family and I are unable to afford to live in. My mum then made a very generous offer and said my wife and I could purchase her property at a significantly discounted rate, so that we could live there with our two children, but still allow her to downsize. It seems like a win-win situation, but, is there any reason why I wouldn’t be able to purchase mum’s property under market value?

Liz Dalgetty Jul 2021

A Lasting Power of Attorney could help protect the elderly and vulnerable against fraud

During Covid-19, a new epidemic has started to take hold; the rise in online crime - and our elderly and vulnerable are particularly at risk.

Nicola O’Dwyer Jul 2021

Life after Lockdown - Returning to the office

At the press conference on the 5th July, the Prime Minister announced the relaxation of the regulations on the 19th July subject to a review of the latest data on the 12th July. If the regulations are relaxed, then employees will be able to return to the office on the 19th July.

Nicola O’Dwyer Jun 2021

Coronavirus Update - All change for the Furlough scheme (July 2021)

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme commenced in March 2020 and was implemented to help businesses during the pandemic. The Scheme allowed employers to place employees on furlough and only pay them 80% of their wages up to a maximum of £2500.

Gemma Taylor Jun 2021

Could the property market be turning back to towns and cities post-pandemic?

According to a recent report by Savills the UK property market could be about to turn back towards city living.

Liz Dalgetty Jun 2021

Should the bank of mum and dad consider a declaration of trust as a condition of gift?

My husband and I are considering giving my son a gift of cash to buy his first house with his fiancée and her two daughters. The gift would be quite a sum and we are worried about what might happen in future if my son were to separate from his partner. Would she be able to profit from our gift and what can we do to protect it?

Sarah Noake Jun 2021

Q&A: Thinking of including foreign assets in your will?

 My sister lives in America but she was born in the UK and still has family here, as well as a property and bank account. When making her will recently, she was advised that any assets held in the UK couldn’t be included in probate there. This is a little concerning, as her pension and savings bonds are all paid into the UK bank account - I am worried these will not be covered by a will if drafted in America. My question is, should I ask her to draft a separate will using a UK lawyer to cover these assets? And, if this UK will is then witnessed and verified in America, is it still valid?

Nicola O’Dwyer Jun 2021

With the latest Government advice - Do I still need work from home?

The Government’s roadmap identified that until England reached Step 4 of the Roadmap, employees should work from home where they can. As we are aware Step 4 has been delayed from 21st June to 19th July 2021 and therefore, employers should continue with home working wherever possible until the 19th July.  

Liz Dalgetty Jun 2021

When does £7m leave you disinherited from a will?

In the past, we’ve written many blogs about the trials and tribulations surrounding wills and disinheriting direct descendants. But, what about circumstances where you chose to leave an amount which is a small slice of a large fortune - even if that slice is still worth £7m?


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