Liz Dalgetty May 2022

Should I downsize with my daughter?

Q: I’d like to help my daughter onto the property ladder. I want to downsize. Is it a win-win?

I’m in my late 60s and paid off my mortgage a long time ago on the family home I’ve lived in for 40 years. I’m looking to downsize and by doing so, I wanted to offer my daughter some money from the sale of my home to purchase her own - she is currently renting with her husband and two children and is struggling to get on the housing ladder.

She then suggested that we used the money to purchase a bigger house, so that I might live with her and her family. I am on my own now my husband has passed so it would be great company for me. Plus, as I get older, she will be closer by to help out.

It seems like the perfect solution, but are there any pitfalls to downsizing and living with my daughter?

Liz Dalgetty May 2022

Save yourself the heartache of a homemade will

Yet another case hits the headlines of how homemade wills have fallen foul of the law - and another reminder as to why it’s always best to seek advice from professionals.

Heather Love May 2022

It's time for a culture change this mental health week

From 9th - 15th May it is Mental Health Week, so there's never been a better time to think about the wellbeing of others. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem each year in England, it's important that discussions continue to open up - especially when it comes to tackling issues relating to mental health at work.

Richard Clapham May 2022

The Queen’s Speech – at a glance

Today was the day of the Queen's Speech - an event that forms part of the State Opening of Parliament ceremony and sets out new laws. Usually, the speech is delivered by the Queen herself, but for the first time since 1963, she did not attend due to health reasons. Instead, the speech was delivered by Prince Charles, who highlighted some of the 38 laws ministers intend to pass in the coming year.

Heather Love May 2022

Hot Desking Policy - What you need to know

This Hot Desking Policy outlines guidelines for allocating working spaces among employees on an ad hoc and temporary basis. As a company, by hot desking we are able to save space and costs when employees use desks at different times, depending on their working pattern. The company has established guidelines set out in this policy to ensure that hot desking, or desk sharing, works efficiently.

Liz Dalgetty Apr 2022

Criminals are cashing in - protect vulnerable loved ones with an LPA

The battle against Covid-19 rages on, but there is a new pandemic rising from the flames - a lesson in how to be more vigilant.

Liz Dalgetty Apr 2022

Can I retrospectively claim IHT relief on my parents’ estate?

Q: I read that it was possible for spouses to transfer an inheritance tax (IHT) allowance but when my father passed in June 2000, leaving his estate to my mother, she did not use my father’s nil-rate band. When she passed in 2006, my siblings and I then had to pay tens of thousands of pounds in IHT on her estate. Is it possible to reclaim this money?

Heather Love Apr 2022

COVID – 19 in the workplace

New guidance recently issued by HSE, UKHSA and the ICO signals a relaxation of COVID -19 restrictions with the workplace going through a transition process to return it to pre-pandemic times. However, whilst most will be relieved to see life return to something close to “normal”, the risk of infection has not completely vanished, which means that everyone shares some responsibility to reduce the risk of spreading infections. Under the new advice, COVID-19’s significance is downgraded. The new goal is to reduce the spread of any respiratory infection, which includes COVID -19.

Heather Love Apr 2022

Performance Development Reviews – Key Points for Employers

Every year, companies have the arduous task of carrying out performance development reviews for the staff.

The process is often incredibly stressful for both managers and their employees by adding another task on their “to-do” list, but the Performance Development Review should be seen as a highly rewarding interaction by both.

Performance Development Reviews are there to provide the opportunity to reflect upon an employee’s overall performance against their individual development plan agreed at the previous review.

Here are some questions employers should consider to facilitate a more engaging, effective, and beneficial performance development review process for all involved.