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Terina Farnan Apr 2022

No-fault divorce law has come into effect

The long-awaited change in divorce law has finally gone ahead - but solicitors are already warning separating couples to prepare themselves for a wait as there could be a surge in applications.

Terina Farnan Mar 2022

No fault divorce law is on the way

Next month marks the start of one of the biggest reforms of divorce law in 50 years as "no fault" divorce will take effect in England and Wales. 

Terina Farnan Jan 2022

It's Divorce Day, but is a separation decline on the cards?

It seems to come round quickly every year, but even though today is National Divorce Day, the reality is that divorce is actually on the decline - and the UK is leading the way.

Terina Farnan Oct 2021

Increase in couples signing pre-nups

According to the Marriage Foundation, 20% of couples are now signing pre-nuptial agreements before tying the knot - compared to just 1.5% in the 1970s. But why?

Terina Farnan May 2021

Remarrying without sorting your finances could spell trouble further down the line

Q: I am divorced but when my former spouse and I separated things were amicable and we kept financial agreements friendly as opposed to legally binding. However, I am now hoping to re-marry my new partner - is this a problem for finances in the future?

Keith Potter Feb 2021

The pandemic is having quite an impact on families and relationships

There’s no doubt that the continuing “stay at home” orders have put a strain on relationships, but for those who are heading for divorce, the pandemic has been particularly difficult.

Chris Millar Jan 2021

We are open

During these uncertain times, it is good to know you can count on us.

Even after the recent Government announcement of another national lockdown we remain open for business and are here to help you.

Terina Farnan Jan 2020

Will the no-fault divorce law be revived in time for next national divorce day

Monday 6 January was dubbed “Divorce Day” by those in the legal profession, as it is the day forecast to be the most likely that couples will start proceedings to separate. However, this year, Divorce Day saw something of a reunification, as the Government re-convened over introducing a “no-fault” divorce.

Richard Middlehurst Jan 2020

New decade, new divorce?

With Christmas behind us for another year, the prospect of long dark days of January can take their toll on the best of us. Plus, as the Christmas credit card bills start landing on the doormat, it’s hardly surprising to see why this time of year is also known as Divorce Season.