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Heather Love Feb 2022

Employers: Batten down the hatches to weather the storm of change

This week, the government surprised us with new announcements relating to the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions that have proved to be controversial amongst the general public. For employers, the priority now is to arm yourself with all the correct information and plan for the future.

Liz Dalgetty Dec 2021

When inheritance goes beyond sibling rivalry

I’ve just found out that my brother is set to receive a significant sum from my parents’ estate when they pass away - more than three times what I will receive. Firstly, is it “right” that my parents can treat us unequally and secondly, in the eyes of the law, can I contest the will?

Nicola O’Dwyer Jun 2021

Changing an employee’s terms and conditions is challenging both from a legal and trust perspective.

British Gas has been in the media over recent weeks due to the “fire and rehire” approach with their employees.

Liz Dalgetty Mar 2021

Domestic Abuse in the Workplace

The Government’s Domestic Abuse Covid-19 campaign

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy undertook a report into domestic abuse and the workplace. The report identified that the number of domestic abuse cases had increased during the pandemic and that 1 in 5 victims of domestic abuse had time off work. Sadly, research found that few employers were able to identify the signs of domestic abuse and/or had policies or procedures available to help support survivors.

Gemma Taylor Mar 2021

The Spring Budget 2021: A Summary

As the UK eagerly tuned in to the most anticipated Budget for a generation, many were left wondering what the Chancellor’s traditional “rabbit out of a hat” might contain - especially as several big measures had been announced beforehand. 

Chris Millar Jan 2021

We are open

During these uncertain times, it is good to know you can count on us.

Even after the recent Government announcement of another national lockdown we remain open for business and are here to help you.

Andrew Peach Jan 2019

Registration of overseas entities – The draft bill is here

The long-awaited Registration of Overseas Entities Draft Bill has finally been published. Even though it is unlikely to come into effect before 2021, there could be a few things to do to prepare – and there are severe sanctions for non-compliance.