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Mehboob Dharamsi Jul 2022

The pandemic's positive impact on wills

It might seem odd to think that Covid-19 could bring us any positives. But, as well as working more flexibly and appreciating our freedom, the pandemic also kick-started many of us into thinking about the future.

Liz Dalgetty Jun 2022

How the pandemic has changed our attitudes towards wills - perhaps forever

We've long been urging people to make sure their wills are up to date - especially if you have remarried or you've had more children. We've seen all too many times how dying without a will can lead to heartbreak and it seems the pandemic has changed the way we think about wills - and it's about time!

Liz Dalgetty Apr 2022

Criminals are cashing in - protect vulnerable loved ones with an LPA

The battle against Covid-19 rages on, but there is a new pandemic rising from the flames - a lesson in how to be more vigilant.

Liz Dalgetty Apr 2022

Can I retrospectively claim IHT relief on my parents’ estate?

Q: I read that it was possible for spouses to transfer an inheritance tax (IHT) allowance but when my father passed in June 2000, leaving his estate to my mother, she did not use my father’s nil-rate band. When she passed in 2006, my siblings and I then had to pay tens of thousands of pounds in IHT on her estate. Is it possible to reclaim this money?

Liz Dalgetty Mar 2022

Planning ahead will be the only cure to future heartache

According to a recent story by the BBC experts have predicted 153 million people across the globe will have dementia by the year 2050. While that may feel a long way off, it’s actually the perfect time to be thinking about planning ahead.

Liz Dalgetty Mar 2022

It’s Update Your Will Week

The Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) has launched its first-ever Update Your Will Week - and we’re very much behind the campaign.

Lucy Whittam Mar 2022

Video link witness signature laws extended until January 2024

There were not many good things to come out of the pandemic, but for us as professionals, we saw people really thinking about their future - and it seems to have sparked a revolution at government level too, where centuries-old laws are finally being reformed.