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Keith Potter Jul 2022

Part Time Workers and Holiday Pay

A decision of the Supreme Court issued on 20 July 2022 has attracted a lot of publicity.

David Seals Jun 2022

Have you had your working from home request refused?

According to a study from the Trade Union Congress (TUC) many workplaces are now viewing remote or hybrid working as permanent fixtures. While homeworking is not a given if requested, employers should give a good reason if they refuse it.

David Seals Jun 2022

Menopause discrimination cases are on the rise - it’s time to act

Employment tribunals involving menopause increased by 44% in 2021, as women claim their employers are not taking reasonable enough measures to support them. Now is the time for employers to act and start implementing guidance for women, but also raise awareness in the workplace in general.

Heather Love May 2022

It's time for a culture change this mental health week

From 9th - 15th May it is Mental Health Week, so there's never been a better time to think about the wellbeing of others. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem each year in England, it's important that discussions continue to open up - especially when it comes to tackling issues relating to mental health at work.

Heather Love May 2022

Hot Desking Policy - What you need to know

This Hot Desking Policy outlines guidelines for allocating working spaces among employees on an ad hoc and temporary basis. As a company, by hot desking we are able to save space and costs when employees use desks at different times, depending on their working pattern. The company has established guidelines set out in this policy to ensure that hot desking, or desk sharing, works efficiently.

Heather Love Apr 2022

COVID – 19 in the workplace

New guidance recently issued by HSE, UKHSA and the ICO signals a relaxation of COVID -19 restrictions with the workplace going through a transition process to return it to pre-pandemic times. However, whilst most will be relieved to see life return to something close to “normal”, the risk of infection has not completely vanished, which means that everyone shares some responsibility to reduce the risk of spreading infections. Under the new advice, COVID-19’s significance is downgraded. The new goal is to reduce the spread of any respiratory infection, which includes COVID -19.

Heather Love Apr 2022

Performance Development Reviews – Key Points for Employers

Every year, companies have the arduous task of carrying out performance development reviews for the staff.

Heather Love Apr 2022

Employment Law Changes April 2022

1 April 2022 – National Minimum Wage will increase

 The NLW and NMW rates from 1 April 2022 are:

David Seals Mar 2022

How did the Spring Statement affect the employment sector?

The Spring Statement that is fast becoming known as the “is that it?” statement certainly could have been worse. But, the tone was set right at the start as Chancellor Rishi Sunak reminded us of the grim backdrop of the war in Ukraine in amongst a slower-than-planned recovery post-pandemic. While many said not enough was done to help struggling families, businesses too look to be baring an ongoing struggle. 

Richard Clapham Mar 2022

The Spring Statement 2022: At a glance

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has just delivered his long-awaited Spring Statement, with many holding out hopes for a brighter future as the cost of living continues to increase.