Could you write a letter with your will?

In a previous blog I wrote about how the pandemic had caused a spur of new will applications, however, it seems that writing official records is something that has taken a lot of households by storm.

According to a recent article on the BBC, many parents are writing letters to their children to document the current times we are living in. Apparently, diary writing and journaling has been booming during the months of lockdown, as people use it to carve an escape for mental space or to clarify feelings.

Plus, many people say they have always wanted to return to the art of writing, but time was always an issue - something that was now in abundance thanks to furlough or extra time working at home without a commute.

Others have used it to record what we are living through, so that young children could understand better once memories are passed on. This got me thinking about how, so often in my line of work, it is the lack of communication with children and other family members is what causes so much heartache.

Family feuds and remarriages have led to many disagreements and disputes when loved ones pass away. In many of my blogs, I simply write that a clear understanding or conversation can avoid a lot of emotional turmoil.

Whilst writing notes, journals to letters to loved ones is clearly high on people’s agendas as we face further months in lockdown, why not think about expressing your wishes to loved ones and write a letter to accompany your will - particularly if the recent pandemic has made you think about updating your will, or writing a new one.

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