New decade, new divorce?

With Christmas behind us for another year, the prospect of long dark days of January can take their toll on the best of us. Plus, as the Christmas credit card bills start landing on the doormat, it’s hardly surprising to see why this time of year is also known as Divorce Season.

In fact, the first working Monday is known as “Divorce Day”, simply because lawyers like me tend to experience an influx in work at around that time.

Not only can the festive financial worry and dark days of January cast a shadow over shakey marriages, many couples also decide that the New Year is a time for a “new me” - often leading to one casting out the other.

It’s also not unusual for couples to tell me that they were just trying to “get through Christmas for the kids” or “give their marriage one last fighting chance.” Only for it to quickly fizzle out come New Year.

As 2020 not only marks a new year, but a new decade, it will be interesting to see if more couples choose to start afresh than usual. According to an article published by the Evening Standard last year, an estimated 40,500 people will search “divorce” online in January - nearly 25% higher than at any other time of year

As “Divorce Day” comes around this new year - which happens to fall today, Monday 6 January in 2020, give some thought as to some of the reasons why you are choosing to separate. Many marriages are salvageable and, in fact, many of my own clients have chosen to stop proceedings after something like mediation or other dispute resolution. Some have tried counselling - others have simply tried talking.

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