David Seals Mar 2022

How did the Spring Statement affect the employment sector?

The Spring Statement that is fast becoming known as the “is that it?” statement certainly could have been worse. But, the tone was set right at the start as Chancellor Rishi Sunak reminded us of the grim backdrop of the war in Ukraine in amongst a slower-than-planned recovery post-pandemic. While many said not enough was done to help struggling families, businesses too look to be baring an ongoing struggle. 

Richard Clapham Mar 2022

Spring Statement is the chance for Sunak to step up

The country really is in quite a predicament. The cost of living is skyrocketing, taxes have been raised to their highest point in 70 years, thousands of pounds are being added to heating bills and more people than ever are facing the choice between eating and heating.

Lucy Whittam Mar 2022

Video link witness signature laws extended until January 2024

There were not many good things to come out of the pandemic, but for us as professionals, we saw people really thinking about their future - and it seems to have sparked a revolution at government level too, where centuries-old laws are finally being reformed.

Terina Farnan Mar 2022

No fault divorce law is on the way

Next month marks the start of one of the biggest reforms of divorce law in 50 years as "no fault" divorce will take effect in England and Wales. 

Heather Love Mar 2022

Hybrid Working – Key points for Employers

Since the Coronavirus pandemic struck and the recovery began, it has become commonplace to allow employees to split their working time between their “normal” workplace i.e., the office and an agreed remote working location, normally their home.  Specific arrangements will differ depending on the nature of an employee’s role and their duties.

Heather Love Feb 2022

What does “Living With Covid” mean for employers?

The Government has now released plans as to how society needs to move forward from the Covid-19 pandemic, including the relaxation of isolation rules and charging for covid testing. But what will it mean for employers?

Keith Potter Feb 2022

Company Directors: The Problems caused by Informality and Lack of Records

A recent case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal illustrates the type of dispute that is so often seen within small companies, frequently but not always family-owned ones. Such disputes occur where there is a complete lack of documentation recording the nature of the relationship between the directors and the company.

Gemma Taylor Feb 2022

New proposals could allow more leaseholders to own the buildings they live in

The Government has unveiled radical new plans to allow more leaseholders to own their buildings. It comes after several measures to approach building safety following the cladding crisis - which has left many leaseholders in the lurch.