Heather Love Jan 2022

Grievance Procedure – Key points for Employers

Most employee grievances can be resolved quickly and informally through discussions between the employee and a manager. Where that doesn’t work, the employee may raise a formal grievance and employers should have a written grievance procedure in place that explains what happens and which staff know about. 

Heather Love Jan 2022

IKEA cuts sick pay for unvaccinated staff who are self-isolating due to Covid exposure

A significant social media backlash followed the announcement by IKEA that only staff fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or those who have mitigating circumstances, will receive enhanced company sick pay in the future when self-isolating due to Covid-19 exposure

Meet our Employment Team - Elaine Tyler

Jan 2022

Meet our Employment Team - Elaine Tyler

Meet Elaine Tyler, Legal Assistant, in our Employment Team.

Liz Dalgetty Jan 2022

The beginning of the end for rogue funeral planners

Pre-paid funeral plans are designed to allow anyone eligible to make provisions for their own or someone else's funeral. However, they’ve been heavily scrutinised due to their lack of regulation - but that is all about to change.


Liz Dalgetty Jan 2022

Dying without a will only leaves behind a ticking relationship timebomb

While many of us are so busy “seizing the day” or “living for the moment”, it’s easy to see how planning for the end of your life can seem like an unwelcome guest at a party - but in my line of work I’ve seen time and time again the damage it can do.

Heather Love Jan 2022

Disciplinary Procedure – Key points for Employers

A Disciplinary Procedure is a framework for managers to use to maintain satisfactory standards of conduct and, where necessary, encourage improvement and/or issue formal warnings

Terina Farnan Jan 2022

It's Divorce Day, but is a separation decline on the cards?

It seems to come round quickly every year, but even though today is National Divorce Day, the reality is that divorce is actually on the decline - and the UK is leading the way.

Hadiha Waheed Jan 2022

Are you breaching Data Protection Laws and GDPR with your video doorbell?

We can see the increase in popular home CCTV devices through the likes of “Ring Doorbell” and “Google Nest” as homeowners wish to protect their properties. However, individuals with such devices must be cautious as the recent case of Fairhurst v Woodard [2021] 10 WLUK
151 passed judgement that the Defendant, Mr Woodard had breached both the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) and General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) through the use of his home video surveillance.

Heather Love Jan 2022

Can staff who are afraid of catching Covid-19 refuse to return to work in the office?

Is fear of Covid -19 a protected belief under the Equality Act 2010?

The Manchester Employment Tribunal has recently held that employees cannot use a fear of catching Covid-19 as a reason not to return to working from the office on grounds that it is a philosophical belief protected by the Equality Act.

Liz Dalgetty Jan 2022

Long-awaited new government white paper finally set out 10-year vision - but there is still some way to go

Following the Prime Minister’s announcements about the social care cap, the government published its first white paper on Wednesday 1st December, outlining its vision for the future. But, was it worth the wait?