Working on the go is creating new choices

Self-employment is on the rise with more people “going it alone” than ever before. With a rise in easy-to-use, on the go technology more accessible, it’s hardly surprising that more people are opting for self-employment to cater to more adaptive lifestyles. But, what sort of impact is it having in the wider professional environment?

According to a recent BBC news story more people are turning to more than one job due to money being tight. Rising living costs and low inflation has meant a squeeze on household incomes, but whilst the “side hustle” becomes the norm, the new term on the block is a “slashie” – or someone who adopts more than one job title.

The article refers to research by the Henley Business School, which found that one in four workers are now running at least one business alongside their careers and that more than 320,000 self-employed people are working two or more jobs. These chef/blogger/dog walkers – hence the name “slashies” are far from a jack of all trades. Rather, they are a means to an end.

But how about the work/life balance and where does that fit in to the wellbeing of our constantly busy lives? Actually, those who choose the “portfolio career” are saying it is a positive choice. They are forced to switch off as the pull of another job and the growing to do list takes over. Usually, these “slashies” are taking on paid-hobbies, and view it as a more fun way of working, even relaxing.

In fact, instead of it being viewed as a necessity, more people are now seeing the extra income as more freedom and more choice – plus they get to do the thing they love.

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