Meet our Corporate Team - Charmaine Dudman

How long have you worked for Downs?

I have worked at Downs for nearly 3 years.

What is your role within Corporate Commercial Team?

My role is Associate Solicitor.

Why did you choose to specialise in Corporate?

I have always been interested in business and as I could not come up with an entrepreneurial idea of my own, I thought I would assist others with their business ventures.

Can you tell us a bit about your career history?

I worked as a personal assistant to directors in various different business sectors with the aim to discover what I was interested in.  I found that I was drawn to dealing with contracts and decided to make the leap and study law whilst working as a paralegal.

What is your biggest professional achievement?

Qualifying as a solicitor.  The perseverance it took to take the long route to be a solicitor by studying whilst working full-time and being a mum.

What do you consider are the biggest challenges for businesses in 2022?

Change. It always will be. Climate, pandemic, technology, values etc businesses must keep up to date and adapt accordingly to succeed.

What is the one most valuable piece of advice you would give your clients?

I am of course going to say this…make sure you have the correct legal documentation in place in every business relationship you have (partners/shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees) regardless whether they are friends or family.  It ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Charmaine Dudman

Charmaine Dudman

Senior Associate Solicitor

Tel: +44 (0) 1306 502978

Office: Cobham Office

Email: [email protected]