Meet our Employment Team - David Seals

Meet our Employment Team - David Seals

How long have you worked for Downs?

I have just notched up 11 years at the firm.

What is your role within EmployLaw/the Downs Employment Team?

I’m a partner and head of department.

Why did you choose to specialise in Employment Law?

I did some employment work as a trainee (back in the mists of time). I found it very interesting and challenging. As an employment lawyer you are fundamentally dealing with people not just money or property like some areas of the law. The human factor is what makes it most interesting for me and I’ve never wanted to change to another area of law.

Can you tell us a bit about your career history?

I came to where I am in a very roundabout way. First going into my family’s business then working in the civil service before doing a part time law degree and switching to law. Doing other things has given me an appreciation of how interesting our work is compared to some other jobs.

What do you consider are the biggest challenges for employers from an HR perspective?

Hiring and retaining good people is the biggest challenge. Employers then need to treat people consistently and communicate well which isn’t always easy. The pandemic has been a seismic shift for employers with a lot of employees taking advantage of working from home arrangements. It will be difficult to ever go back to where we were for many employers.

What is the one most valuable piece of advice you would give your clients?

Be pragmatic in disputes. Avoiding /resolving them will generally save a lot of time and effort.

What do you consider are the benefits of EmployLaw for clients?

EmployLaw gives clients great peace of mind with quick expert advice from a trusted source. Our clients treat us as a trusted part of their management team.