Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Our expert H&S advisers will help you reduce risk and protect your organisation.

Health & Safety requirements create a tremendous demand on your time and resources. Bringing in experts from EmployLaw is a cost effective way of ensuring you remain complaint with health and safety laws.

What sets us apart

Our Health & Safety professionals are well-equipped to provide you with the support, guidance and expertise you need.

Whether or not you have an internal Health & Safety resource, our professionals will support your organisation to best suit your needs. Using our services will give you peace of mind that your processes and procedures are being independently verified.

When it comes to H&S, EmployLaw gives you peace of mind by:

  • Reducing your risk of non-compliance
  • Creating a compliance strategy
  • Providing a safe and comfortable environment for your employees
  • Helping to protect your organisation from regulatory investigations and penalties
  • Fostering a positive reputation for your business
  • Freeing up your management team to focus on their core competencies

Health & Safety Review

We undertake an on-site inspection of your premises along with a review and update of your health and safety documents, including your handbook and procedures.

EmployLaw will then provide you with a report that identifies key areas that require improvement or attention as well as advise you how best to implement the necessary changes. You will have a flexible handbook and H&S procedures that protect your business.

Health & Safety Assistance

This service comprises unlimited telephone and email support from your own dedicated Health and Safety Adviser. In most cases it will be provided by the same Adviser who performed your Audit, since he/she will already have unique insight into your business and how it operates.

Your dedicated Health & Safety Adviser will always be able to guide and support you through any issues you may face or answer any Health & Safety queries you may have.

Health & Safety Representation

This service provides your business with fee protection insurance to protect your organisation, its directors/partners and all workers against prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), a Local Authority or any other regulatory body.

If you subscribe to H&S Representation, then you are insured against the cost of defending any prosecution. Additionally, we will provide the advice and represent you at Court. With other insurance services, you may not be allowed the benefit of your own Solicitors representing you.

Health & Safety Training

We can provide training to your staff or managers on any appropriate H&S topic. The training curriculum will be tailor-made for your business, allowing your staff to understand the importance and rationale for health and safety compliance and how to implement it.

Health & Safety Consultancy

We can also provide Health & Safety Advisers for any on-site or other project work. This can cover a wide range of services, from undertaking further risk assessments to assisting you in the event of an accident that needs to be reported.