A day in the life at Downs

A day in the life at Downs

Our teams are our strength

It's our people and the way we do things that make us different.

Emily McNiven

Emily McNiven - Trainee (now qualified)

Emily has been with the Downs nearly 3 years starting as a Department Assistant in Corporate whilst completing her Legal exams.  
She qualified into Corporate in Sept 2021.

'I have really enjoyed my time training at Downs. They have been supportive and understanding the whole way through. In every seat, you have had the opportunity to be heavily involved in cases which gives you a great insight in how to run files and manage clients. The atmosphere and the colleagues makes Downs a great place to work and somewhere that any future trainee should consider.'

Boris Petri - Trainee

“Training as a solicitor in any legal practice can be challenging, but at Downs I have found myself surrounded with many supportive colleagues. Due to the small intake of trainees, the firm can tailor the training contract towards individual interests and ambitions- I have found that there is flexibility in terms of the seat rotations, and you are encouraged to develop areas of interest early on. Additionally, as a trainee you are given a high level of responsibility which not only helps with legal training, but also gives rise to many opportunities to have contact with clients directly. Finally, I believe the culture of the firm is very important and formed a key part in why I decided to join Downs- it is not just about possessing the legal knowledge, but also about interpersonal skills and teamwork.”

A day in the life at Downs

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